About OC Escape Adventure Games

World’s first “choose your own path” escape rooms.

The first escape rooms in the world where you choose the path you take throughout each room. In each of the rooms you are faced with difficult choices that have drastic consequences to the way the escape room plays out. The choices can range from the smallest detail to major room changing plot-points. These choices change not only how the story plays out for the rest of the room, but they decide which puzzles you end up solving. From themes like Time machine to Alien Encounters there are almost limitless possibilities. Every adventure is unique.

Think you have what it takes?


Here at OC Escape everyone from the construction team to executive management works day in, day out to make sure everything is consistently running smoothly. We take feedback from every customer to keep improving and evolving. Our rooms not only change for each adventure, but for each person as they experience what we have to offer at OC Escape.


Escape rooms, like other forms of entertainment, are evolving and improving more and more each day. OC Escape stays ahead of the game by being on the cutting edge of modern technology, utilizing brand new equipment and newly discovered technology to create a sense of wonder and amazement while playing through our rooms.


We select from a large pool of extremely qualified applicants, and train them to perfection ensuring that every single room completed is tailored directly to the individuals inside of it. Our employees learn from every single customer interaction, constantly improving to be the best they can be.

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This place rocks! The escape room was great fun for the family. It was very complex and intertwined with cool gadgets and neat riddles. The man at the front who gave us hints when we needed them, was funny and friendly. After we successfully escaped back out to the boardwalk, we had ice cream next door. All in all it was a great experience.

Kevin Lujan Avatar Kevin Lujan